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This year, the NASSTRAC Spring Meeting will take place April 13-16 at The Registry in Naples, FL. The exhibit itself will open at 6:00 p.m. Monday, April 13 and close that evening at 7:30 p.m. It will re-open Tuesday, April 14 from 7:30 a.m. until approximately 2:30 p.m.

Because of the layout of the EXHIBIT, including spotting of food stations and bars, circulation is encouraged, and almost any location is a good location. However, we will consider any request for a special location in the order in which the requests are received. Space will also be assigned in the order in which space requests are received.

The EXHIBIT format is outlined below:

1. You should ship your exhibit to arrive at the hotel no earlier than Saturday, April 11, 1998.

2. If you wish to ship your exhibit to arrive earlier, you should ship it to the decorator. You should use the services of the decorator if your exhibit requires handling equipment since the hotel does not have fork lifts available. You will receive an information packet including a listing of available services early in 1998 in plenty of time to order any services or equipment you require.

3. The exhibit space will be available for setup no later than noon on Monday, April 13.

4. The exhibit space in the ballroom is carpeted. Each exhibit will have a table and two chairs, bar and drape backdrops and partitions, and a standard Quad electrical outlet. If you need higher than standard power, or more outlets, you should order it from the decorator. If you require telephone service, you should contact the decorator for assistance.

5. The EXHIBIT will open at 6:00 PM on Monday, April 13 with a cocktail reception in the exhibit area until 7:30 PM. The exhibit will open again at 7:30 AM Tuesday April 14 with a standup continental breakfast in the exhibit area until 8:30 AM. The EXHIBIT will open again mid-morning for a 30-minute coffee break. The EXHIBIT will open again at approximately 12:15 PM with a bar for refreshments and a standup buffet luncheon.

6. There will be drawings for prizes throughout the afternoon with announcements concerning the prize drawings and a display of prizes. There will be a basket for business cards at each booth. The basket for each prize drawing will be selected at random from one of the booths, and drawings will be at random unannounced times. The person whose name is drawn MUST be present at the EXHIBIT to be awarded a prize. If the winner is not present, another name will be drawn. This system has ensured that the shippers visit each booth, at least to deposit their card, since they have no way of knowing which basket will be selected for a prize drawing. This procedure will be described to the shippers several times before and during the meeting, and included in the program.

7. The exhibit layout, and the food and beverage procedures, and the process for drawing and awarding prizes have been developed over a period of years as various systems were tested to encourage circulation. The timetable and multiple-session approach were also developed over time, incorporating experience and exhibitor suggestions to attempt to minimize slow periods and encourage the maximum degree of exposure for each booth. Your comments each year are welcome, and are used to attempt to improve the process.

8. Some exhibitors have brought items as special drawing items for their exhibits as a means of attracting more attention to their booth. While we do not encourage this because of the variety of high value prizes we provide, we will make announcements for special prize drawings for those who make such items available. Some exhibitors, of course, have brought along a variety of giveaway items, some of which are not handed out until after a brief simple quiz to encourage conversation. Again, we do not necessarily encourage this, nor do we have any indication of how productive such approaches may be.

9. At the end of the EXHIBIT, there is a special drawing for a substantial prize for exhibitors only. There will be a special basket for exhibitors' cards at the prize display.

10. A space reservation form is enclosed for your convenience. Please return it with your deposit to reserve exhibit space.

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