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The Voice of the Small Shipments Community

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NASSTRAC is committed to equipping Logistics Professionals with the skills they need to do their jobs better.  Our focus is on Package and LTL transportation moving by the full range of today's service providers.

NASSTRAC's MISSION is to promote the professional development of our members.


Richard G. Velten, former  Director of Distribution and  Transportation at Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., is Director of Education. With his Shipper perspective, Dick is able to design Educational Programs that meet our member needs. Together with Dr. Bernard J. LaLonde, Professor  Emeritus of Logistics and Transportation at the Ohio  State University, and with the help of NASSTRAC  members, Dick plans and executes a highly professional  Education Program. Programs are designed around real world issues, expert  approaches and hands on training. 

Our two annual Membership Meetings are conducted  as Seminar/Workshops. In addition, NASSTRAC sponsors Special Seminars on topical issues throughout the year. Seminar participants are awarded Continuing Education Units (CEU's). 

Our Washington Staff issues a Bi-Weekly Newsletter,  Special Bulletins, Advisories and Technical Publications. 


NASSTRAC continues to build relationships and to foster fair dealings with a wide range of Logistics Providers. Although suppliers have long been a NASSTRAC constituency, they are even more important now as this industry sorts itself out. NASSTRAC has integrated Logistics Providers into our Program content and delivery. We also provide a business format for members to meet with these essential partners. 

NASSTRAC also provides members with an opportunity to use NASSTRANS, a Shipper's Cooperative Buying Service. 


NASSTRAC General Counsel, John M. Cutler, Jr., has practiced transportation law for over 25 years with the prestigious firm of McCarthy, Sweeney and Harkaway. He succeeds Daniel J. Sweeney, who retired last year. NASSTRAC protects shipper interests in both domestic and global transportation. The organization participates in proceedings before the Congress, State governments and in the Courts.

Debra N. Phillips is Executive Director of NASSTRAC. She is a 10-year veteran of the transportation industry, and works closely with Cutler and individual members. Her office acts as a clearing house to point members to other NASSTRAC constituents who are involved in similar issues.

The Washington office of NASSTRAC is available to answer questions and provide other assistance to our members with regard to regulatory and legislative issues.

For information about recent activity by NASSTRAC on behalf of shippers, please see the What�s New section of this site.


NASSTRAC has created an organizational environment which promotes networking among and between members. Collectively, NASSTRAC members have a wealth of knowledge and technique. Since our membership shares many of the same business  requirements and problems, NASSTRAC provides a common meeting ground to share ideas and information. NASSTRAC membership provides a unique opportunity to interact with peers and to tap the broad experience represented within the membership. This interaction is a valuable resource. Both members and their companies benefit. 

What They're Saying About NASSTRAC

Jean V. Murphy, Editor, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies Magazine in an editorial following NASSTRAC's 1996 Fall Membership Meeting: 
"..(the) case study was one of several examples of this meeting of logistics professionals.  Sharing the benefit of practical hands-on experience...that's what these sessions are all about an opportunity to learn from one another..." 

John S. DuBiel, Jr., Vice President, Global Transportation, REVLON CONSUMER PRODUCTS CORPORATION "...NASSTRAC is dedicated to providing meaningful professional education.  No other association provides so much of what I need to do a better job." 

Michael W. Wickham, President and CEO, ROADWAY EXPRESS "I find NASSTRAC venues an excellent opportunity to interface with good customers regarding current operations as well as future legislative and regulatory changes."

Bill W. Huie, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Transportation, NCH CORPORATION  "When matters affecting shippers, such as an appropriate version of a Bill of Lading, came up I once again provided input as a professional shipper.  None of us has a monopoly of knowledge, but together we know a lot."


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