Strategic Shipper Program

What is it?

  • The NASSTRAC Strategic Shipper Program is designed to help shippers and carriers improve their interactions with one another and ultimately create and maintain trusted relationships

  • The volunteer program involves shippers agreeing to and signing a code of conduct that they will follow in managing their carrier and driver relationships.

  • Once those companies have signed the Code of Conduct and become a NASSTRAC Strategic Shipper, carriers will know that these shippers run a quality transportation operation and do it with integrity and transparency
    Why are we doing this?


Why are we doing it?

  • The Strategic Shipper Program is an outgrowth of the response to NASSTRAC’s popular Perfect Storm Webinar series, as well as the findings from the Logistics 2030 Transportation Study.  It became clear that the industry needed guidance in navigating this tumultuous marketplace. Designed to help shippers and carriers improve their interactions with one to help them create and maintain trusted relationships, the Strategic Shipper program provide a framework for shippers to build their own Strategic Shipper Program.

  • Industry experts are telling shippers they need to be a “Shipper of Choice” or become more strategic in their approach to carrier procurement and relationships if they want to continue to attract reliable carriers to handle their business.  This program offers shippers a clear and direct path to attaining the often talked about (but less often acted upon) “Shipper of Choice” distinction.

  • Since “Strategic” is in our official name, NASSTRAC wants to lead the charge. As a trade association focusing on Shipper Education, NASSTRAC is uniquely positioned to provide a neutral gathering place for shippers to come together and raise the level of awareness, operational excellence and integrity among the shipper community.  We can all get better together.  


Program Goals

  • Focus on continuous improvement of shipper/carrier relationships.

  • Have shippers self-regulate dwell time at their facilities to avoid government intervention/overreach. 

  • NASSTRAC will lead the way in formalizing the Strategic Shipper program making it easier for shippers and carriers to identify companies they want to work with. 


What are you waiting for?  

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