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NEWSLETTER: THE SMALL SHIPMENT is published by NASSTRAC twice monthly to keep members informed about developments in transportation services, rules, legislation, regulatory proceedings, or any other news that has an impact on the distribution of goods by less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation, or of express shipments by any means.

NASSTRAC INTERNET HOME PAGE: NASSTRAC Home Page provides members with the latest information upon demand. The SMALL SHIPMENT, the NASSTRAC newsletter, will be incorporated in the HOME PAGE as a MEMBERS ONLY service. While the Home Page is not yet fully interactive, we are rapidly taking action to have a fully interactive Home Page.

IMMEDIATE FACSIMILE TRANSMISSION OF BREAKING NEWS: NASSTRAC has initiated immediate FAX transmission of breaking news of importance to the membership. Rather than wait for the next newsletter or rely on mail delivery, NASSTRAC now informs the membership of significant new developments immediately by FAX.

TELEPHONE HOTLINE: A TELEPHONE HOTLINE service is available to members to respond to questions or requests for information about subjects which have an impact on their distribution activities. Members may call (202) 393-5505 to enter the system and to get the information they need. The system will also identify government agencies or other sources of direct information for members.

EDUCATION: NASSTRAC conducts two membership meetings each year -- one in the Fall and one in the Spring -- conducted as seminar-workshops on new techniques, new technologies, new services, and other important developments which are essential to professionals in LTL distribution. Professional development is a keynote of the program. To address special subjects of a timely nature, or to provide a vehicle to keep shippers and carriers informed of information on a regular basis, special seminars on a single subject are conducted periodically. Each year, a Conference for a Financial Review and Forecast of the Trucking Industry is held in Washington, DC in June to address the current condition of the trucking industry and a projection to future performance and the future makeup of the pool of available carriers. Carrier Chief Executive Officers, Economists, Consultants, Shippers, and Wall Street Trucking Industry Analysts are included on a series of panels for this one-day meeting. At least one other seminar is conducted annually, usually in February, to address a particular "target of opportunity" subject which is of particular concern at the time. In February of 1998, the seminar will address the use of the Internet as a tool in managing distribution of goods. Other subjects of special interest are scheduled as they become of concern to shippers or offer opportunities to shippers.

NETWORKING: NASSTRAC offers members an excellent networking opportunity to produce opportunities which would not otherwise exist. Professional Interaction is promoted among the shipper members, initiated primarily at meetings, but afforded as an opportunity throughout the year through telephone and Internet contacts. The professional interchange of information is of exceptional value to all shippers, but it affords less-experienced shippers an opportunity to interact with experienced professionals. Shipper-Provider relationships are also available. Senior executives from transportation services providers attend the NASSTRAC meetings and afford shippers an opportunity to make contacts "At The Top" that will facilitate their distribution operations. While these contacts are initiated at the meetings, they are of value throughout the year. Similarly provider contacts with shippers give the providers a continuing insight into the needs, concerns and problems faced by shippers which helps them to be more responsive to their customers and gives them a leg up on other providers who do not have this opportunity.

ADVOCACY: NASSTRAC is a continuing advocate for shippers of small shipments -- shippers who are involved in the shipment of all forms of small shipments, ranging from express envelopes through the full gamut of express package delivery to the full range of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. This Advocacy occurs in a number of venues -- national and regional government executive, legislative and regulatory agencies, the courts, ratemaking agencies, and any other activity which takes actions having an impact on small shipments. Currently, NASSTRAC is involved with the Department of Transportation, the Department of Justice, the Courts, the Surface Transportation Board, the Rate Bureaus, and the national classification activity on behalf of shippers. Action has been initiated to provide members with special access to Professional Arbitration Services to provide a reasonably priced, less expensive way to settle disputes than litigation.




Strategic Technologies, Inc. (STI) is providing a regular update on LTL On-Time Delivery Performance between selected city pairs measuring on-time performance against the carriers' own published transit times. STI Vice President L. Paul White has reminded NASSTRAC members that when using the chart, it is important to note that the figures provided by STI look at overall performance of LTL carriers and that individual carriers can and do operate at far better on-time rates. The survey has examined a total of 15,562 shipments weighing less than 10,000 pounds which represented a wide variance in performance ranging from 100 percent on-time rate for some carriers in 15 lanes to less than 10 percent on-time performance on five lanes. Shippers should investigate the on-time performance of carriers with which they do business -- particularly if they depend upon on-time performance as a means of cutting safety stocks. To view the chart, NASSTRAC members may click onto the MEMBERS ONLY section of the WEB PAGE.



NASSTRAC is initiating a new service to provide members with the latest selected earnings data of Class I Motor Carriers of Property compiled by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). The Department of Transportation has released the latest statistics, for the year 1996 as compared with 1995 results,which is provided for the information and use of members in the Members Only section of the Web Page.

The data provided by the Department of Transportation is a complete listing. Other earnings data, released individually by motor carriers is published to the membership as released. The DOT statistics are data collected by the DOT and lists all Class I Motor Carriers.

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