What does NASSTRAC do?
It is a non-profit 501c6 trade association that provides education, advocacy, and provider relations opportunities to transportation, logistics and supply chain management professionals who manage freight across all modes. Regular members include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors, as well as third-party logistics companies. Associate members include providers of all modes, including truckload, LTL, rail, ocean and air cargo.

What does NASSTRAC stand for?
Otherwise known as the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council, NASSTRAC has been providing education, advocacy, and provider relations opportunities since 1952.

What companies belong to NASSTRAC?
NASSTRAC membership includes companies in many industries, ranging from consumer products, retail, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics to machinery, medical, printing, publishing, durable goods, and food and beverage.

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What kinds of individuals are active with NASSTRAC?
Individuals who actively participate in NASSTRAC are key decision-makers at all levels — ranging from Manager or Director of Transportation to Vice President of Logistics or Supply Chain Management. These professionals are responsible for managing transportation and distribution involving all modes and market segments of transportation, ranging from full truckload and LTL, to rail/intermodal, air, expedited shipping, and ocean/maritime shipping.
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Are there suppliers to the industry who belong to NASSTRAC?
Yes! There are more than 150 suppliers of transportation and logistics-related products and services who belong to NASSTRAC, including carriers (all modes and market segments of transportation), supply chain management integrators, and technology innovators. NASSTRAC provides a venue through which transportation decision-makers can build productive, meaningful relationships with providers of transportation services and products. Such opportunities range from a robust annual transportation expo to an expansive freight resource directory and other online channels.
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What does NASSTRAC provide for members in terms of education?
NASSTRAC helps shippers to stay on top of transportation industry issues, challenges, emerging trends and opportunities through it's annual Shippers Conference & Transportation Expo, regional meetings, webcasts, whitepapers, blogs, online news updates, and regularly published print and online member newsletters.
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How does NASSTRAC provide value to members through advocacy initiatives?
NASSTRAC is a leader in opposing unwise or excessively burdensome regulation in such areas as workforce and operational requirements, security, and global trade. Through well-orchestrated advocacy initiatives, NASSTRAC collectively communicates shippers' concerns to legislators and regulatory agencies with greater impact and at a lower cost than if each shipper member acted alone. By working on the Advocacy Committee or by participating in well-orchestrated fly-ins to Washington or letter-writing campaigns to Congress, members can help to shape opinions with legislators and regulatory agencies, and other policy-making powers that be. Members also stay abreast of legislative developments involving transportation through on-site events during "Washington Update" sessions, and through online events and Webinars.
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What does NASSTRAC provide members in terms of making connections?
You can make connections with transportation peers or suppliers through a searchable on-line Membership Directory. You can build new skills or give back to the industry through various volunteer opportunities, which include the Education Committee, the Advocacy Committee, or the Provider Relations Committee. NASSTRAC also has a Carrier Advisory Council on which members with carriers can provide input.
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How do I most effectively utilize the Legal Counsel of NASSTRAC?
As a member, you'll have access to free Contract Templates that help you to minimize risk and outline requirements of your for-hire carriers and 3PLs. In addition, you have limited access to free legal advice with NASSTRAC Legal Counsel John Cutler, who has more than 35 years of experience in shipper transportation law. He can be contacted on the Legal Hotline at 202-775-5574.
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What are the types of memberships to NASSTRAC?
There are two types of memberships. “Regular Members” are the primary members NASSTRAC serves, and are
predominantly made up of shippers, receivers, shipper associations, and third-party transportation and logistics providers. “Associate Members” are suppliers of transportation, warehousing, or technology services, and other providers of transportation-related products and services.
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How much does it cost to belong to NASSTRAC?
Corporate memberships are available and for both Regular Members and Associate Members are based on gross global sales.

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How do I join NASSTRAC?
Call Carleen Herndon at 615-696-1870; or click here.
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How do I transfer a membership?
If an employee who leaves an employer is a NASSTRAC member, he or she retains the individual membership. Membership also can be transferred within a company to a new person who replaced the position of the original member. However, the following criteria must be met:

  • The original member must have at least three months left on the membership.
  • The original member is no longer with the company.


The employer sends a request to transfer the membership on company letterhead, which may be faxed or mailed to the NASSTRAC office. Please include current information of the new member: name, title, phone and fax number, e-mail, and mailing address and the name and member ID of the original member.
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Why am I unable to enter the Member Center?
When initially registering with the Member Center on our Web site, enter your Member ID number in the User Name field (this ID number was assigned to you when your membership was initially processed). Then enter your Member ID number in the Password field as well. After registering, you can change your Password to an 8-character password (or continue to use your Member ID for both fields). Please remember that once you change your password, it is case-sensitive. A common error is to put a space at the beginning or end of the data entry field. If you do this, the Web site will recognize it as a character and therefore will not recognize your information. If you still have problems please call the Member Service Center at 952-442-8850 ext. 208 during regular business hours.
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How can I update my contact information?
The easiest way is to visit the Members Only section of www.NASSTRAC.org and click "Update My Profile." Fill in the appropriate fields with the new information, and be sure to click update. You cannot change your name (e.g. if you get married) online. Alternatively, members can call Carleen Herndon at 615-696-1870 for additional assistance.
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