Monday, May 7 • 9:00a - 10:00a

“The Changing Face of Transportation”

Chairman Charles D. Nottingham played a leading role in developing the Administration’s surface transportation reauthorization proposal in 2002 and 2003, and in advising Congress during development and enactment of the SAFETEA-LU surface reauthorization act of 2005. He has worked in the federal and state policy and management sectors, with an emphasis on transportation and environmental policy, as well as government reform and customer service, for fifteen years. During this session, you will hear Nottingham's perspectives on critical challenges facing the U.S. transportation industry, ranging from pending legislation to highway funding and productivity issues.

Keynote: Chairman Charles Nottingham, Surface Transportation Board (STB)

Trucking Carrier CEO Panel

Monday, May 7 • 10:00a - 11:00a

“Playing to Win in a Changing Marketplace”

Never before have there been more complicated challenges—and opportunities—in over-the-road transportation. Top trucking company executives will discuss the current state of the trucking industry, including topics that range from capacity, congestion and rising operational costs to a growing shortage of qualified truck drivers, diesel rules, and overall industry productivity. In addition, these top-level panelists will shed meaningful light on how these critical issues impact shippers and what can be done to overcome such challenges.

Executive Panelists: Michael J. Smid, President, YRC National Transportation; Doug Duncan, President and CEO, FedEx Freight; and Gordon Mackenzie, President, UPS Freight, formerly Overnight Transportation. Faciliated by Jeff Berman, Senior Editor, Logistics Management magazine.

NASSTRAC Carrier of the Year Awards Program

Tuesday, May 8 • 8:15a - 8:45a

This session will spotlight the recipients of the prestigious 2007 "NASSTRAC Carrier of the Year" Awards, recognizing carriers who have received high ratings from shippers in terms of service, performance, and other criteria. You'll hear perspectives from leaders of these organizations on how they are able to achieve operational efficiencies, effectiveness, and overall performance excellence. Receiving the awards are:

  • Terry Gilbert, President, Roadway (National category)
  • Doug Duncan, President and CEO, FedEx Freight (Multi-Regional category)
  • Myron P. Shevell, Chairman of the Board, The Shevell Group, on behalf of New England Motor Freight (Regional-Northeast category)
  • Reid Dove, President and COO, AAA Cooper (Regional-Southeast category)
  • Jim Staley, YRC Regional Transportation President & CEO and John O'Sullivan, President, USF Holland (Regional-Midwest category)
  • David VanderPol, President, Oak Harbor Freight Lines (Regional-West category)
  • Kurt Kuehn, Senior Vice President-Worldwide Sales & Marketing, UPS (Parcel category)
  • Jack Pickard, President and CEO, FedEx Custom Critical, (Expedited category)

General Session
Tuesday, May 8 • 8:45a - 9:45a

“Cargo Trends: Playing to Win in a World Economy”

The short-term impact of globalization can impact your immediate transportation and logistics tactics, while its long-term impact can dramatically impact the very essence of your entire supply chain strategy. This session ultimately will help you to better understand emerging trends that can impact your enterprise today and tomorrow. During this session, you will hear the vital statistics and valuable proven research that give you better perspectives on:

  • Capacity issues with growing imports
  • Developments that will change multimodal options, involving truck, rail, ocean and air
  • Shifting practices that will shape how ship¬pers move their freight.

Presenter: Joseph Bryan, Managing Director, Global Trade and Transportation Practice, Global Insight

General Session
Tuesday, May 8 • 10:00a - 11:00a

Views From The Top: “Globalization’s Impact on North American Transportation”

NASSTRAC now covers all modes of transportation—which is reflective of a major shift in the shipper marketplace to integrate all modes into their logistics strategies. As a consequence, shippers now face a multitude of issues that range from current and expected possible congestion, integration across modes, and future challenges to work more efficiently across modes. During this session, executives from leading transportation companies will discuss how the ability to compete in a global economy is dependent on the transport system as well as a vast array of supporting service activities. They will provide attendees with context on the following activities:

  • Distribution-based (multimodal and intermodal freight transport systems composed of modes, infrastructures and terminals)
  • Regulation-based (Customs procedures, tariffs, regulations and handling of documentation)
  • Transaction-based (banking, finance and insurance activities where accounts can be settled).

Lastly, executives will discuss how globalization is having an impact on their organizations, and the related challenges and opportunities they face on a daily basis—and ways these ultimately impact shippers.

Executive Panelists include: James Hertwig, President, CSX Intermodal; Craig Harper, Chief Operating Officer, J.B. Hunt Transportation; and William H. Niemann, Senior Vice President of Sales, NYK Line (North America), Inc. Faciliated by John Capers, Director, International Trade & Transportation, Commonwealth Business Media.

General Session
Tuesday, May 8 • 11:00a - 12:00p

“Practical Case Study: Global Shipping at Dole Foods ”

The logistics and supply chain challenges facing companies today have never been more complex. Congestion and resulting delays, rail connectivity issues, security issues post-9/11, timely electronic data requirements, expanded container screening, and overall rising cost are just a few concerns that are top of mind. As the fourth largest U.S. importer via ocean containers, Dole has one of the most sophisticated supply chains in North America. Whether you’re a large shipper or small, you’ll find value in hearing what Dole is doing to maintain an efficient, tight supply chain—while learning practical advice that can be applied to managing your own operations.

Presenter: Robert Engle, Vice President Supply Chain, Dole DFV

Executive Panel: "How Shippers Stay Ahead of the Game"
Tuesday, May 8 • 1:15p - 2:15p

Rapidly changing transportation issues are creating new rules in the supply chain management game. Radical shifts in market demand, capacity, and global logistics challenges are just a few trigger points. In this session, three active shipper executives will discuss how they plan their transportation strategy and operations in their domestic and global routes. They also will share how they keep up with trends and plan to reduce risk and delays relating to domestic and global issues.
Executive Panelists include: John Giusti, Director, Global Sourcing Logistics & Supply Processes, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems; Shawn Harper, Manager of Transportation, Chatsworth Products; and Ed Haynes, Manager of Transportation, Rockwell Automation. Faciliated by Roger Morton, Senior Editor, Logistics Today magazine.

General Session: "Washington Update"
Tuesday, May 8 • 2:15p - 3:30p

New legislative developments and decisions made on Capitol Hill are dramatically changing the landscape of supply chain management — which trickle down to operations issues in transportation and logistics. This session will provide shippers information on key legal, regulatory and legislative issues on critical issues that range from C-TPAT and cargo security to IATA’s continued antitrust immunity, tollways, and hours of service.

Presenters: John Cutler, NASSTRAC Legal Counsel; Tim Lynch, Senior Vice President, American Trucking Associations


General Session
Wednesday, May 9 • 8:00a - 8:45a

“Salaries in Logistics: Where Are We At in 2007?”

Logistics Management Salary Survey painted a pretty bright picture for logistics professionals in 2005. Average salaries were up 6.6 percent, and industry recruiters were pointing to an uptick in the job market. However, that good news was tempered somewhat by the results of the 2006 annual survey—Logistics Management magazine’s 22nd annual—which were less encouraging. For starters, the average annual compensation reported by respondents dropped 4.5 percent below last year's average. So where are compensation packages in 2007? During this session, you’ll learn answers to these questions, based on the latest results from the 23rd annual survey:

  • What are the average salaries in the field of logistics in 2007?
  • What are the average benefits packages in logistics?
  • Where is the job market in this field heading in the short term—and in the longer term—which will help you to proactively meet your staffing challenges head-on?

Presenter: Jeff Berman, Senior Editor, Logistics Management magazine

Shipper Panel Discussion
Wednesday, May 9 • 9:00a - 10:00a

“Emergency Planning Post-Katrina”

Last year, NASSTRAC featured companies and how they responded during and after the hurricane that pounded the Gulf Coast. However, where do we go from here—and what do companies absolutely need to do in order to prepare their operations and supply chains in case of future disaster? During this session, you will hear first-hand:

  • Compelling reasons why shipping companies need to have an emergency plan in place.
  • How leading companies have put in place very specific plans and structure using lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.
  • Practical tips on how you can go about developing an effective, proactive emergency plan that will help your company be prepared for the inevitable.

Shipper Executive Panelists include: Tom Anderson, President, ANI Pharmaceutical; Joe Estrella, Director of Transportation & Logistics Network, CVS/pharmacy; and Michael Taylor, Program Manager - U.S. Department of Homeland Security - DHL Global Customer Solutions-Americas. Facilitated by: David Maloney, Senior Editor, DC Velocity magazine.


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