Code of Conduct

PREAMBLE:  As participants in the global economy, we recognize that compliance with rules and social principles is standard practice.  As a NASSTRAC Strategic Shipper, we implement and continually strive to achieve fair and transparent corporate activities in compliance with relevant laws and social principles, both foreign and domestic.  This code represents a focus on logistics activities between companies (i.e. shippers) and their transportation providers (i.e. carrier/third party logistics companies).

Article I:  NASSTRAC members have created this Code of Conduct outlining basic behavior we espouse and recommend for all participants of the Strategic Shipper Program when working with their transportation providers.  By signing this Code, participants agree to abide by the Code and work continually to improve their working relationships with their transportation providers. 

Article II:  As a strategic shipper, we agree to abide by terms and conditions in our signed contracts with our providers. 

Article III:  Operationally, we will strive to provide a safe and efficient environment for transportation providers delivering to and picking up from our locations.  We will provide for a means of regular communication on dock operations.

Article IV:  By signing this Code of Conduct, we agree to ensure that:

1. Executive and employees understand the philosophy and the basic Code of Conduct and act in accordance with them.
2. Executives, managers, and supervisors set a good example while instructing and supervising all employees to observe the Code of Conduct.
3. Executives, managers and supervisor strive to develop effective frameworks to observe the Code of Conduct.

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