About Us

About Us

The National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC) is the shippers association for transportation and logistics professionals who manage freight across all modes. Whether you manage freight moving via truckload, LTL, parcel, rail, ocean or air, you'll find value in belonging to NASSTRAC. Membership offers resources to meet these challenges head on: rising costs of transportation, regulatory issues, legislative decisions, securing adequate capacity for shipments, senior management education and more.


NASSTRAC began on July 1, 1952, when more than 100 shippers met in Chicago, IL to plan action in connection with the Central States Motor Carriers' $1.50 surcharge on small shipments.  Following this meeting, the need for a national organization to protect the interests of shippers and receivers of minimum charge shipments became apparent. 

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NASSTRAC Headquarters
330 N Wabash Avenue, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 202-367-1174
Email: info@nasstrac.org

If you want to share company press releases or industry news, please send your information to info@nasstrac.org.

330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: 202-367-1174 Email: info@nasstrac.org
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