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Now that you made the decision to become a Strategic Shipper, it’s easy to join. The only requirements are that; 1) you are a current NASSTRAC member, and 2) you agree to and sign the Code of Conduct.

Once you are signed up, NASSTRAC has a variety of resources to help you build your program. The Code of Conduct User’s Guide will provide you with ideas and suggestions to customize your program. There are also recordings of previous webinars as well as the Logistics 2030 Transportation report. You will find this information in the Resources Section of the web site (access to members only).

We also suggest a further step to consider using Dock411 to help you improve communication with your motor carriers. NASSTRAC’s Strategic Shipper Program utilizes Dock411 to allow shippers to enter location information to be shared with their carriers. Dock411 stands ready to help you with your location set up. Please call Lucas Schorer at Dock411, telephone 916-622-8664 for customized set up. Alternatively, you can visit to start the implementation process.

Dock411 gives you a means to centralize, standardize, socialize, and analyze your facility profiles and the associated driver reviews. NASSTRAC has negotiated the discounted rates for the Dock411 services. Please see this flyer for more details.

 Approximate Loads/Week List Price NASSTRAC Price
 1 to 5 $99 $94
 6 to 25 $349 $325
 26 to 50 $699 $650
 51 to 100 $1,249 $1,125
 101 to 250 $2,999 $2,700
 more than 250 $4,999 $4,500


Additional Optional Services

  • Concierge Service (optional)
    • Dock411 will schedule a half-day site visit to meet with the local team, understand the particular issues facing that location, provide an overview of the system and its benefits to the company, capture the necessary facility data
    • Take photos
    • Shoot and edit approach videos
  • Signage (optional)
    • Provide a metal sign with the facility’s D411 ID and a QR code for drivers to scan. Gives them a way to quickly leave a review
    • Price: $199 + shipping (NASSTRAC price: $175)


SSP Documents


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