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NASSTRAC Comes To Memphis, Tennessee

Regional Meeting MSP

Over 30 transportation executives listen to the shippers as they shared best practices in transportation management and supply chain strategy.


Sherry Askew of Revlon, David Friedson of Evergreen Packaging, and Mike Ritter of Hunter Fan Company provided shipper insights.




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More than 2 million packages pass through the FedEx Memphis World Hub daily. On Sept. 20, NASSTRAC hosted a special tour of the facility that gave shippers a glimpse into the incredible processes, engineering, and teamwork that make it all happen.


Attendees were amazed at a few other facts about the facility:

  • Strategically located near the heart of the continental U.S., this hub provides overnight service to the entire nation and serves 95% of the global economy on a 24- to 48-hour basis.
  • FedEx Express has made the Memphis Hub one of the busiest cargo airports in the world, connecting customers to more than 220 countries and territories on six continents.

Following the tour, NASSTRAC held a networking luncheon for all attendees and then featured a shipper's panel that gave primary insights into transportation and supply chain goals, challenges and opportunities. Brian Everett, NASSTRAC's Executive Director, facilitated the panel discussion, which highlighted the following:


Sherry Askew , Transportation Manager at Revlon, was recently recognized in 2010 for her efforts in reducing transit times from the Oxford, NC facility. She spoke of how Revlon's Chief Supply Chain Officer challenged her group to save a million dollars in expenses, and shared some of their best practices in developing a partnership with a major 3PL to "live load" and become a larger user of rail to reduce transportation costs. She also highlighted efforts to make freight payment practices more consistent across Revlon's supply chain in international locations such as Singapore and Australia.


Mike Ritter , Sr. VP Operations for Hunter Fan Company, highlighted best practices within this ceiling fan manufacturer's entire supply chain. Areas of focus ranged from sourcing (supplier identification, audit & qualification, selection, negotiation & contracting), quality control through supplier quality development and performance to transportation, warehousing and distribution.

David Friedson
, Director of Logistics & Distribution for Evergreen Packaging, emphasized how critical it is to have solid relationships with service providers. "The term 'relationship' today doesn't mean what it meant yesterday," he said. "It now reflects behaviors we all have in the relationship, how we purchase and secure services, the needed integration on multiple levels, the effective integration of technology, and how we execute." He also expressed concern about the potential strike closing East Coast and Gulf Coast ports due to the ILA and USMX not coming to an agreement on the current contract. Coincidentally, NASSTRAC then announced during the panel that the ILA and USMX announced a 90-day extension of the current contract, until the end of the year, making a strike no longer imminent.


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