Award Winners: Shipper of The Year


2013: Dixon Ticonderoga vertically integrated their manufacturing and distribution processes and saved $5 million in logistics costs in the process.


2012: Best Buy's flexible transportation program has enabled an innovative store remodel strategy—and helped cut price per shipment by just over 30 percent in its first year running


2011: Stein Mart's new supply chain is significantly different from the way it historically shipped freight from domestic vendors to stores, resulting in a $20 million dollar save.


2010: Armstrong decided to bring logistics and transportation back under its own roof to tighten controls, establish carrier measurement, and rack up the savings.


2009: USG put fuel costs in check, making carriers accountable, reduced total freight claims, and maintained carrier acceptance rates above 99 percent. As a result, USG rose to the top of its game—and took customer satisfaction to new heights in near record time.

2008: Lowe's
raises the bar on performance metrics with its core carriers. The home-improvement retailer has successfully captured significant supply chain savings and efficiencies by focusing on key drivers to deliver superior customer service, and transportation objectives.

2007: Dole Foods
keeps its cool under pressure. When VP of Supply Chain Robert Engel found himself at the center of a health scare capturing the nation's headlines, he responded by examining core competencies and controlling collateral damage.

2006: Big Lots
demonstrates how improvements in process management, communications, and performance measurement created results for the company.

2005: Johnson & Johnson's
Global Transportation Organization changes the way this leading manufacturer of health care products views transportation – and grooms a diverse, talented staff in the process.

2004: Best Buy Company
finds that an exclusive relationship with a provider can yield greater savings, efficiencies, and customer loyalty.

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