NASSTRAC Leads Industry-Wide
"Stand Up For Trucking" Fly-In

More than 170 transportation executives took to Capitol Hill on February 1 to make a pro-trucking statement: "We need you to support legislation that supports a safe, efficient and productive trucking industry." This industry event brought together scores of transportation executives and key stakeholders in trucking.

This industry-wide effort was the brainchild last fall of Mike Regan, Chairman of NASSTRAC's Advocacy Committee. It was historic because both shippers and carriers worked together collectively to let their voices be heard so that their Congressional and Senate representatives understand that trucking is a vital national asset that contributes to the well-being of this country.

The coalition's key messages were the need to:

  1. Enact a multi-year highway bill that reforms the program and focuses funding on critical freight corridors.
  2. Pay for highway infrastructure in the most efficient way – through taxes on fuel, including diesel fuel, not tolls.
  3. Stop burdensome laws and regulations that impede productivity and increase the delivered cost of goods (a prime example of counterproductive action coming out of Washington is the recent changes made by FMCSA to the truck driver hours of service rules).

Truck transportation stakeholders, members of 12 transportation-related associations (including NASSTRAC), meet in the Capitol Hill Visitor Center to coordinate their meetings with 140 members of Congress on Feb. 1.   Mike Regan, Chairman of NASSTRAC's Advocacy Committee, led the "Stand Up For Trucking" fly-in, working closely with John Runyan, who represents the Coalition of Transportation Productivity, and Mary Phillips of the American Trucking Associations.
NASSTRAC members participating included Tom Wenzinger of Advance Stores Company, Lanny Fleming of UPS Freight, Gail Rutkowski of Wabash Worldwide Logistics, Diane Trescott of Lifeway Christian Resources, Mike Regan of Tranzact Technologies, and Brian Everett.   Participants of the fly-in made pro-trucking visits to approximately 140 members of Congress – that's nearly 20% of all legislators. Here, participants met with Erik Paulsen, member of the House of Representatives representing the state of Minnesota.
Former DOT Secretary Jim Burnley spoke at a briefing for the fly-in attendees on Tuesday. He discussed the Cleaner, Safer Trucking Coalition's perspectives on the need to advance productivity and efficiency in the trucking industry.   Harry Haney, Associate Director of Transportation Planning for Kraft Foods, provided data to fly-in participants that supports the Cleaner, Safer Trucking Coalition's stance on how truck productivity strengthens the economy.






Other Participating Associations:

American Moving & Storage Association

Cleaner Safer Trucks

National Association of Manufacturers

National Industrial Transportation League

Retail Industry Leaders Association

Truckload Carriers Association