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2008-2010 Officers Ballot  

President: Eric Morley
As Director of Logistics, Eric Morley is responsible for national retail leader Best Buy’s transportation operations, administration, carrier score-carding and performance, and supply chain metrics. Morley joined Best Buy in 1987. During his 15 years with the company, he has served in several capacities, with increasing responsibility in retail, risk management, and logistics. Within logistics, Morley is responsible for private fleet management, transportation operations, carrier management, vendor collaboration, and supply chain management. Morley also spent several years leading a business team in selection, system and process design, and implementation of Best Buy’s Transportation Management Systems. Morley was promoted to General Manager in 1999, and to Director in 2001. Morley graduated from the University of Wisconsin and currently resides in the St. Paul area.

1st Vice President: Joseph M. Estrella, Jr.
Joe Estrella is Director of Transportation & Logistics Network at CVS/Caremark, a position he has held for more than eight years. His work history includes 17 Years with Roadway Express in Operations, Sales, and Labor Relations; seven years with Staples as Director of Distribution and Transportation. Estrella holds a B.S. in Industrial Relations from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and a Juris Doctor from the New England School of Law in Boston, Mass. He has a military history in the U.S. Marine Corps and has several professional affiliations, including the Massachusetts Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Warehouse Education Research Council, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, along with NASSTRAC.

2nd Vice President: Doug Easley
Doug Easley is Vice President of Business Development at Pathmark Transportation Company, and has an extensive career in the transportation. Previously he was Vice President of Business Development for Distribution Solutions International, where he specialized in Last Mile Delivery Services and Warehouse/Fulfillment Services. In addition to his education in the area of logistics management, Easley has worked for or been a consultant to transportation companies such as Ozark Airlines, Air Freight Delivery, and Acme Logistics.

Treasurer: Terri Ferraro
Terri Ferraro is the Director of Transportation and Supply Chain for Famous Footwear a Division of Brown Shoe Company. She oversees transportation activities for two regional distribution centers, 35 pool distribution sites, and over 1050 Famous Footwear stores. Ferraro has been a member of NASSTRAC since 1989 and a member of the Executive Committee for NASSTRAC since 1990. She is a past President, and past Chairperson of NASSTRAC, and is most currently the Chairperson of the Provider Relations Committee and Carrier Advisory Council. Ferraro is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where she earned her Bachelor degree in Business Administration and her MBA in Decision Support Systems.

Secretary: Diane Trescott
Diane Trescott has been the Transportation Manager at LifeWay Christian Resources for 20 years. She loves the challenges and complexities of working in the transportation field where each day brings new issues and opportunities to reduce costs yet provide excellent customer service. Trescott has a B.S. in Operations Management which has assisted her in working on several project development teams such as Oracle Implementation and a WMS-Warehouse Management System development. She also was a project leader for the implementation of the TMS –Transportation Management System. Trescott has been a member of NASSTRAC for more than 10 years. She says that NASSTRAC has provided her a venue to network, a platform to discuss issues that impact LifeWay and other shippers, and a resource to improve her transportation skills.  



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