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NASSTRAC is committed to promote the goals of our members in support of their supply chain responsibilities through the following areas:
As a logistics practitioner, it is vital that you have the most current information about legislative and regulatory changes and their impact on you and your company. NASSTRAC's Advocacy Committee takes an active role in reporting and shaping the issues affecting the industry.
Continued professional development is critical for you to remain productive, improve your skills, and increase your industry knowledge. NASSTRAC' s Education Committee develops programs that challenge your thinking and offer you practical tools and knowledge to be effective in your job.
Provider Relationships…
Solid working partnerships are critical to the effective management of any supply chain. The NASSTRAC Provider Relations Committee encourages open dialogue between shippers and those companies providing services to them, and drives NASSTRAC' s support for carrier issues.

Professional Networking…
Your industry connections can play a pivotal role in how successful you are in your career. Through NASSTRAC, you connect with other shippers, carriers, suppliers, and others who are involved in supply chain management

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