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  Shipper of the Year Award

NASSTRAC and the editors of Logistics Management & Distribution Report invite NASSTRAC members to provide nominations for the 2004 NASSTRAC “Shipper of the Year” award. Shipper organizations involved in what is considered “best practices” in LTL, small package or parcel shipping strategies are encouraged to nominate themselves or other NASSTRAC shipper members (carriers also are welcome to nominate shipper customers).

Click here for a nomination form (in downloadable .pdf format).

The Process
The deadline for nomination submission is Aug 2, 2004. Editors from Logistics Management & Distribution Report magazine will review all forms to determine finalists, and will then conduct follow-up interviews and select one of the finalists as the NASSTRAC “Shipper of the Year.” The award recipient will be notified by Aug. 12, 2004, and will receive the award during the 2004 NASSTRAC Fall Conference at Georgia Tech Conference Center at a special ceremony on Sept. 13, 2004. The organization will also be featured in a story in the October edition of Logistics Management & Distribution Report, as well as subsequent editions of the NASSTRAC Newslink and other association communications.

What To Include In Your Nomination
Creating your nomination is relatively easy. Make sure to include the following:

1. Name of organization nominated.

2. Answer or comment on each of the following on a separate sheet of paper or as an extension of this document. Also include any exhibits that support the nomination (such as carrier evaluation forms, carrier metrics, etc.):
a. Briefly describe the nominee’s LTL or small package program.
b. How has the nominee’s program improved shipping performance?
c. How has the nominee improved relations with carriers and other vendors?
d. How has the nominee’s program contributed to the overall corporate mission?

3. Contact information of the primary contact of the nominated shipper organization.
Please include name, title, telephone, email and address.

4. Attach any additional comments or exhibits to this form and send to James
Cooke at the number or address above.

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